Proguard and their implications on Android security

Mobile applications in modern times are susceptible to a wide range of security threats. This has forced the developers to adopt viable practices when it comes to dealing with security threats. Less than 50 % of the Android applications installed in the market cope with viable security measures. The performance of an app is another thing that you need to take into account. Proguard Android does go on to provide suitable measures when it comes to security. For open-source applications code obfuscation is important


Proguard is known to accomplish three functions, shrinking, optimization and obfuscation. It is a free tool that can accomplish all these three functions. With Proguard you are likely to be using it in Android applications that include large Java applications and files. This is bound to make reverse engineering difficult but not impossible.

. They are known to safely remove the unused variables and trim down the application size which works out to be a notable feature of the command in the tool.

The benefits of implementing Proguard

Proguard happens to be an open-source command tool that is recommended for Android applications. It is bound to decrease the readability of the code and enhance the security of the applications. Apart from enhancing security, it shrinks the applications to provide a comprehensive package. 

Compact application

It is basically a template-based configuration in comparison with other Java obfuscators. This works out to be one of the major benefits of Proguard. You may resort to a few intuitive command line options or a simple configuration file to enable Proguard.

Protection against static analysis

Hackers use static analysis to gain access code to the source of the application. With static analysis, hackers can interpret the app source code and the control flow to understand how an app works without running the app. Proguard shields the application from decompiles.

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Reverse engineering is a difficult task

By properly adopting Proguard rules, the task of reverse engineering becomes difficult. Ps. Critical data can be leaked and exposed if the hackers gain access to the application for fraudulent purposes.

To conclude the benefits of Proguard are numerous but there are a few pointers that you need to avoid as well. Though it is better if you start the same, it is suggested that you go on to implement it with other security measures. Depending on the same solely is a wise decision. If there is any possibility of misconfiguration the application may crash. This is bound to have a negative impact on your customers.

Enhances the efficiency of applications

One of the benefits of Proguard is that it is known to increase the efficiency of applications. The codebase of applications tend to be more efficient when it comes to Proguard. It goes on to list the dead code.. They are able to figure out the dead code where the application is no longer in use and then you have to remove them from the source code.

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